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Coaches Portal Membership Plan

  • Prebuilt 8-week practice sessions for U5-U12 (U13-U18 coming soon)
  • Teach your team to dribble, pass, shoot, defend, and play as a team
  • Practice technical skills while keeping practice fun
  • Watch instructional videos, even during practice
  • All lessons built by a certified “Class A Coach”
  • Stay up to date on tips and tricks from professional coaches

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Players Portal Membership Plan

  • Soccer Skills Training
  • FootworkDribblingPassingReceivingShooting
  • Access to the best soccer training videos
  • Tips and Tricks from Pros
  • 24-hour access to all training content
  • Improve your game!

Dual Access Membership

SoccerTech’s Coaches and Players Portals are designed to help you be a better Coach and better Player.

Coaches Portal Access

  • Powerful coaching platform
  • Fully prepared practices
  • No PlanningEasy To Use
  • The best coaching videos and tutorials
  • Know and improve your team with player profiles and stat tracking

Players Portal Access

  • Skills Training
  • FootworkDribblingPassingReceivingShooting
  • Access the best soccer training videos
  • Tips and Tricks from Pros
  • 24-hour access to all Training