Utah Youth Soccer Association and Soccer Tech Partner to Provide 56,000+ Players Free Access to Online Training Portal

UYSA Members Will Have Access to Hundreds of Drills, Practice Sessions & Training Tools for Next Two Months

In the current climate of a global pandemic and the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” mandate from Utah

government officials, the outlook of organized social activities is uncertain. However, Utah

Youth Soccer Association is still 100% committed to the development of every player and coach

during this break from organized group soccer activities. Access to Soccer Tech is making it

easier for more than 56,000 players within Utah Youth Soccer Association to stay sharp in these

times of social distancing. With this partnership, UYSA members will have free access to Soccer

Tech’s online training portal for the next two months.

Through early June, UYSA players will receive complimentary access to hundreds of Soccer

Tech’s tested and proven soccer drills, pre-made practice sessions, and individual training tools

available for players of all ages and skill abilities, including children as young as four years old.

"SoccerTech is a tool that will be extremely beneficial to our recreational and competitive

players, coaches and parents. This online platform gives them the freedom to work on their

individual development to become better players, applying hard work and determination on

their own time and at their own pace. I am challenging every player to take advantage of this

time to make themselves better, stay technically sharp and prepare for their return to the


UYSA Technical Director, Eric Landon says.

Salt Lake City-based Soccer Tech makes it easier for coaches and players to develop and hone

their soccer skills through easy-to-follow video examples and coaching points that take the

guesswork out of practice sessions and individual training. Utah Youth Soccer looks forward to

encouraging each member to focus on a skillset each week and share their workouts via social

channels to help inspire others to keep active and moving during this trying time without

organized soccer.

“Soccer Tech is thrilled to partner with the Utah Youth Soccer Association by offering its

members a platform to stay connected to the game we all love in the absence of team practices

and games,” Soccer Tech President Rob Karas. “From simple drills that can help parents keep

their kids physically active to complex skills for players aiming to take their game to the next

level, Soccer Tech has something to offer to every family.”

On April 9, 2020, families of players registered with UYSA will receive an access code via email

from Utah Youth Soccer to soccertech.com comprehensive library of tutorials presented by

professional players and coaches that includes:

  • Over 200 individual skill drills
  • Basic, intermediate and advanced dribbling drills
  • 51 speed ladder drills
  • Detailed passing/receiving and shooting drills
  • 48 wall drills and tips to build a personal wall drill plan
  • 25 fast footwork sessions, featuring 500+ touches in each 7-minute session
  • Step-by-step freestyle tricks
  • Foam roller muscle rollout guide

“UYSA is excited to provide our membership with this opportunity to continue working on their

game and development during this unprecedented situation.” CEO of the Utah Youth Soccer

Association, Bryan Attridge said. “We encourage our clubs and coaches to engage with their

players and provide training plans and guidance through this platform. We are excited to see

our clubs and individual players take advantage of what Soccer Tech has to offer.”

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